" The Leto Ultra is one superior innovative product, and right at home in the Zesto line. My highest buy recommendation!" Read full review


Here’s what Robert experienced with his recent Andros PS-1 purchase.

Hi Peter.

The Andros PS-1 is up and running and sounds wonderful. It has dialled in my Denon cartridge beautifully and has silky quiet backgrounds and cavernous soundstage and imaging. Everything I was hoping for.

I will feel very lucky to be able to experience this kind of quality that I otherwise would have been out of my reach. I will have a Headphone amp arriving soon that will do justice to this great Phono-pre, so I am a very happy listener at the moment.

It was great to meet you as well, and thank you so much for taking the time to deliver it to me.


Kindest Regards



The Andros Téssera Wins The Absolute Sound's 2018 Phono Preamp Product of the Year

Zesto Audio is proud to announce this prestigious award received by The Absolute Sound. The Andros Téssera is the premium phonostage in our line of three phonostages. We are pleased to have others hear the passion behind the Zesto Audio brand.


"...Sonically, it is full-bodied and serene. Everything stays in place, solidly rooted to its location, and is presented with beguiling warmth and naturalness of timbre and texture. The sound created by this phonostage maintains dynamic development, without favoring attack over steady-state tone or decay. Not only even-handed in its reproduction of musical notes, the Téssera also reproduces musical genres evenly, without favoring acoustic over electronic compositions, making it an easy choice for this year's TAS Phonostage of the Year award."

Thank you to the editors of the Absolute Sound for this amazing award!

The Absolute Sound Review of the Andros Téssera

"It was warm and full-bodied in a preferred way, but there was nothing thick or sluggish about it—the sound retained timing and pacing along with its portrayal of musical content."

Read the Full Article Here 

Andre Jennings | The Absolute Sound | Dec. 3, 2018




Here’s the first review for the Andros Deluxe






Andros Téssera Review

by Robert H. Levi- Positive Feedback, Issue 89 - December 28, 2016

"I know of nothing more adjustable, more flexible, and more musically consistent overall than the Téssera." Click to read review



 PLUS ANALOG AND CABLE HIGHLIGHTS – The Absolute Sound Oct 24th, 2016
“Jim Hannon’s Best of Show” and “Most Coveted Product”

” I thought I was listening to master-tapes! One of the best sounds of the show!
Read the review

RMAF 2016: Would this Stairway Lead to Heaven?
 By Jason Victor Serinus • Stereophile – Posted: Oct 13, 2016
“This was one of those happy, expectation-fulfilling rooms where recordings actually
 sounded like music..’
Read the review
Newport 2016:
Zesto, Kharma, WyWires generate a buzz by John Stancavage,
 Part-time Audiophile, Aug 8th 2016
“This rig was reaching my soul, which is why we’re all in this hobby. Well done.”
Read the review
Munich 2016:
Best Sound (For the Money) by Neil Gader,
 The Absolute Sound, May 20th 2016
“Camped out at HiFi Deluxe was a superb display of musicality courtesy of the Zesto Audio
 Leto preamp ($7500) and Bia 120 stereo amp ($12,500) and Joseph Audio’s Profile ($7000) loudspeaker. The small Euro-scale system could lay back but shift gears on a dime and was an exemplar of natural tonal color and dynamic composure.”


Zesto Audio is honored to receive
The 12th Annual Positive Feedback Writers' Choice Award for 2015 - 
Best of the Best! for Products of the Year

About the Award
".....this is an opportunity for our editors and writers to recognize superior merit in the audio arts through their "Writers' Choice Awards". Our writers and reviewers have been given broad leeway to cite excellence in fine audio wherever they find it......"
Carol Clark - Editor, Positive Feedback - 11-29-2015 - Issue 82
See all the winners

Our sincere thanks to Mark Pearson, we are honored!
Read Mark's review of the Andros

Rocky Mountain was a big success for Zesto Audio
Thank you to the Press and everyone who came by our room.
We are honored to receive the "Gold Award" for best sound at RMAF. 



"...warm sound but properly etched. Be sure to watch the video."
Peter Breuninger - AV Showrooms - RMAF Report, October 2015

Hear About the Eros 300 Monoblocks

See Video About the Eros 300 Monoblocks

Most Significant Trend
"Vinyl front ends holding their own sonically in an increasingly sophisticated digital

world. Kudos to the Zesto Audio team for their strictly vinyl demo."
by Dick Olsher - The Absolute Sound - RMAF 2015 Show Report, Tube Electronics


"Great sound overall, and creating systems that have collaborative synergy

under difficult show situations in hotel rooms isn't a given." 
By Sasha Matson-Stereophile- October 5, 2015
Read more

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015 - Hot Product
Zesto Audio's Eros 300 Monoblocks

"..... impressively dynamic and rhythmically tight, clear, lucid and articulate,

with a natural warmth and rich tonal palette." 
Roy Gregory - The Audio Beat - October 2015

RMAF 2015: Zesto invokes Eros, Earns Kharma read more
Scot Hull - Part-Time Audiophile - October 2015

pfo logo

Mark Pearson - Positive Feedback Online - RMAF 2015 Report Day 2

Special thanks to our fabulous Industry partners:
Allan Moulton with Kharma International Speakers
Alex Sventitsky with WyWires cables
George Merrill with Merrill-Williams turntables

Robert H. Levi – Positive Feedback – September 3rd 2015
Premier Review of Zesto Audio Leto 1.5 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

“The Zesto Audio Leto 1.5 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier bests the 1.0 in features and in every parameter I can think of. It hosts improvements in the highs, mids, and bass which will mightily please audiophiles.” Read entire review

Mark Pearson – Positive Feedback – August 11th 2015
Andros 1.2 Phonostage

“I have had lots of phono sections in my system(s) over the years, but I have never had one this good or this quiet.” Read entire review

Neil Gader – The Absolute Sound – June  4th 2015
T.H.E Show Newport Beach

“Not every electronics manufacturer is taking the plunge to offer an outboard headphone amp however. Remember when a headphone input could be found on virtually every preamp and receiver? Well, Zesto Audio has taken this to heart and added a headphone amp with front panel input to it’s upgraded Leto 1.5  tube preamp ($7500 pictured below). After listening to the MrSpeakers new Ether planar headphones ($1499) with a well regarded tube headphone amp I switched to the Leto using the same WyWires Red series cable. The difference in spaciousness, air and top end transparency was astonishing. The sound was less between the ears and more convincingly on a dimensional stage at eye level.”Read entire review

Robert H. Levi
Andros 1.2 Phonostage- Positive-Feedback Online – April 2015…..

“The new Zesto Audio Andros 1.2 Phonostage Preamplifier clobbers the original, and may just be the best piece of audio gear designed by George Counnas to date. ” Read entire review

Scot Hull – Part-Time Audiophile – March 7th 2015
Bia 120 Class A Stereo Power Amplifier

….”The amplifier has more than enough power to drive the snot out of all but the most absurd loudspeakers. Chances are, you’re gonna love the way it sounds. Take that, add a healthy dose of style, and you’ve got yourself something marvelous.”  Read entire review


“I was very impressed with the Leto. Zesto Audio has produced a well-made, stunningly gorgeous product that gave me hours of pleasure ….”

Read full review

Robert J Reina (1954 - 2015)

Stereophile 2014

Paul Seydor - The Absolute Sound - April 7th 2014
Zesto Audio Bia 120 Stereo Power Amplifier

"Is the Bia perfect? Well, of course, nothing’s perfect, but no matter what I threw at it, I couldn’t make it sound anything less than beautiful..." Read entire review

Robert H. Levi

Bia 120 Class A Amplifier- Positive-Feedback Online - November 2013

"...I have never heard a better amplifier in my reference system, tube or solid-state. It is the best new tube amplifier to reach the market in the last five years priced under $50,000." Read Robert H. Levi's full review in Positive Feedback on line. Read entire review


Download the guide scroll to see Zesto Audio on pages 20, 66, 113, 117, 118, 119, 144 and 147.

Paul Seydor - The Absolute Sound - May 2013
Zesto Audio Leto Preamp - "Sonic Magic"

"The Leto preamplifier, a linestage that is the second product of George and Carolyn Counnas’ Zesto Audio, is cut so completely from the same sonic cloth as Zesto’s Andros PS1 phonostage I reviewed last year ... " Read entire reviews

Stereophile gives the Andros Phonostage a 2013 Class A Rating

Michael Fremer - Stereophile Analog Corner - March 2013
Zesto Audio Andros phono preamp

"...The Zesto had an addictive, warm overall sound, with plenty of impact, detail and grace. It's among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I've auditioned at any price ..." 

Robert H. Levi
Leto Premap - Positive-Feedback Online - September 2012

"New from Zesto Audio comes the tubed Leto Preamp, pushing the envelope in value and performance in its price range and beyond. With styling similar to the Andros Phono stage, the Leto is a powerful sounding, highly detailed, fantastically quiet, and superbly musical masterpiece that will complement the finest systems. Designed by a brilliant and pragmatic designer who knows great sound and ergonomics, the Leto performed like a thoroughbred in every way musical, and was a joy to control and adjust. The fun factor while working with the Leto made me rethink what has been missing in minimalist preamps that cost even more money these days. What a jewel! The Zesto Audio Leto is a killer design to my way of listening and loving recordings, and may just be the preamp you will buy and keep for the very, very long haul. The Leto receives my highest recommendation." Read entire review

Henry Wilkenson

Leto Line Stage Preamplifier - Audiophilia - September 14th 2012

"I have spent many hours listening to the Leto and Andros combination at Wes Bender’s NYC/Studio. I have also listened to the Leto with the EAR 324 phono stage. The sound of the Leto is on the warm side of the spectrum but not so much as to be in any way objectionable. To be clear, this is not an ‘old school’ tube sounding amplifier. From top to bottom, the sound is very well balanced. It has enough resolving power to allow vocal and instrumental textures to be clearly heard. The Fairfield Four’s Isaac Freeman’s bass vocals are presented with their full richness, bloom and textures intact. I have heard this group’s vocals on other line stages that glossed over these details resulting in a bland presentation. Not so with the Leto". Read entire review

Jeff Dorgay

Andros Phonostage PS1 - TONEAudio - September 2012

"After a solid month of intense audition, the Zesto Andros PS1 exhibits no weaknesses whatsoever. While it has a beautiful visual aesthetic, it continues to be a joy to listen to and is ultimately musical. With many audiophiles on a quest for gear that is increasingly more resolving, it might be easy to overlook the Andros PS1, but truly wise LP lovers will treasure the Zesto because the balance is just right. Much like a car with perfect 50/50 weight balance, along with equal amounts of stop and go, the Andros PS1 doesn't maximize any one parameter at the sake of another and that is its magic." Read entire review

Zesto Audio Andros PS1 phono stage, Merrill Williams REAL 101 turntable, Tri-Planar tonearm, Lindemann DAC, TAD CR1 loudspeakers and stands, Zesto Audio Leto preamp, all cabling by WyWires. Loved this room... easy, effortless, and musical. The TAD speakers are great, but then the rest of the system has to be up to snuff as well. Kudos to the people here! Read entire review

RMAF12: Bringing it with Zesto Audio, TAD and WyWires

Posted on October 25, 2012

"So, yes — Zesto is certainly one brand that gets it right — to me, at least. Much like their sweet demo at Newport, the sound here at RMAF was lovely: liquid, holographic, dynamic and detailed. This is, in my not-so-humble-opinion, a finisher system. Done, off the merry-go-round, go start investing in estate sales of giant record collections. If you have a huge room, you might want to go elsewhere, but for “normal” rooms, ska-doosh". Read entire review

Reviewed by Paul Seydor - The Absolute Sound - April 2012

"Its sound is unbelievably smooth and velvety; harmonically rich, full, and vividly textured; marvelously rounded, tactile, and dimensional, with great body and solidity; and completely natural in its musicality and freedom from any of the usual sonic hype, audiophile style." Read entire reviews

Reviewed by Ray Seda - Dagogo - March 2012

"The sweetness and delicate nature of the Zesto Andros PS1’s delivery in the midrange and highs are almost counter-intuitive to its ability to also very competently amplify and deliver the sheer, explosive low frequency energy and dynamics that the record playback system sends to it." Read entire review