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Multi-channel Amplifiers


The Multi-channel series amplifiers offer an endless range of flexibility. With as few as 1 and as many as 7 balanced outputs ranging from 125-570 watts in 8 ohms, and 220-1225 watts in 4 ohms, the choice is yours! Due to the multi-mono design, each channel is completely independent from input to output. Each channel has separate inputs for a balanced or unbalanced connection which are easily selected by the selector switch on the rear of the unit. Our proprietary input stage was designed for optimal performance, and transparency. The MC amplifier is the solution for the ideal HT system with the ultimate in sonics. The dual, balanced FET input stage offers excellent integration with any source, with maximum openness. Connection of these amps to a tube type source is a match made in heaven!

Whether you would like to use one of these amps for the front 3 channels of your HT system, or even 4 channels for bi-amping, the possibilities are huge.  This amplifier is a perfect match for those looking for a 7 channel amp for their 5ch HT system with bi-amped fronts. The defeatable High Pass filter on the front channels offers even better sonics for those bi-amping.  This eliminates the low frequencies on the top-end before the amplifier, making the speaker much easier to drive.  So take a minute and think of how one of these customizable amps can suit your needs!