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Most of you know that I don't like over the top bragging. Claims of "best cables in the world!" and "best ever made!" ring hollow. 

This time, I will let a professional, Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound, speak in our favor - this time about our Diamond Series high-end cables.  

The link to our Diamond Cable review is now posted. Here is an excerpt:  "Far and away the strongest areas of Diamond's sonic performance were dynamic flow and depth of focus" in orchestral recordings. He finishes with "Diamond is a cable for connoisseurs."  Gader avoids the typical audiophile language, and focuses on the way Diamonds convey the musician's and conductor's intentions. 

Diamonds live up to the promise, as all WyWires cables do, at the respective price points. If you have not yet considered Diamonds, you now have a solid review and many consumer and dealer testimonies.  


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