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Red Series

In-Ear Monitor Cables



Finally! WyWires In-Ear Monitor Cables - a definite upgrade from stock in-ear monitor cables. MUCH more from your music. Our experience in engineering the best sound for the price helped us with this design. Lightweight, flexible design, our IEMs open up the soundstage. Superior workmanship shows throughout.

The new IEM cable is a slimmed-down version of the original WyWires RED Series headphone cable, more compact with great pigtail flexibility. WyWires RED Series IEMs are available in two connector types: 2-Pin and MMCX. As with all WyWires cables, terminations are offered in virtually any format. Standard length is 4 feet; additional lengths are available

Pricing A$450 (inc. GST) –or 4 foot standard length. Additional length A$55 per foot (inc. GST)