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The power supplies present in modern audio equipment assume that incoming power from the grid is fairly good in terms of phase, voltage and amperage.

While a power cord will not add or subtract volts or amps (unless it’s undersized) we are able to partially correct phase anomalies present in the power grid.

Our Litz wire power cord with its asymmetrical Litz bundles actually improves image focus, soundstage size and “openness” and helps to preserve the presence and scale of the original performance.

The Juice II power cord is sized adequately for any known amplifier regardless of its current draw. Available in any length up to 20 feet and can be fitted with 15 or 20 amp IEC plugs along with NEMA (North America), Schuko (Europe) UK and Australia input plugs.

NEW! Diamond Series Juice HC Power Cord

The Diamond Series Juice II power cord is a brand new design. Taking some of the elements of the Platinum HC cord and adding additional conductors to dramatically improve dynamics, resolution, stereo imaging and focus.Total conductor gauge is 7AWG per pole. Additionally, we have added carbon fiber/stainless steel fittings which aid in dramatically reducing the noise floor for a completely black background between notes. These come standard with high quality Furutech plugs.

New Digital Power Cords

Power cord for Apple Mac Mini – we gifted ourselves with a new Apple Mac Mini for the holidays, and developed a power cord to match. 

Juice II Digital Power Cord – we were so pleased with the Mac Mini power cord we decided to offer something similar for all digital devices; DAC’s CD players, music servers. Changes in shielding and ground architecture, along with the addition of carbon-infused foam, result in improved resolution, a tidier, more organized soundstage, stereo imaging stability and better bass tones.  

Juice II Power Cords:

Capacitance: 8.1 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)
9 AWG (American Wire Guage) Asymmetrical Litz wire with 14 AWG ground
For any component with a replaceable (IEC) power cord. Standard for North America (Edison) receptacles.

Special order for Asian, Australian, European and UK versions.

Juice II HC High Current Power Cords:  available separately or integrated into Power Broker AC Distributor

Capacitance: 8.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 60Hz)
7 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Double cotton wrapped Asymmetrical Litz wire with 12 AWG ground
For devices such as large power amplifiers or power distribution devices that require a larger than normal power delivery capability. Standard for North America (Edison) receptacles.

Special order for Asian, Australian, European and UK versions.