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Phono Cables


Phono cables are available in virtually any configuration to fit any tonearm where the output cable can be detached.

A typical moving coil phono cartridge is able to generate a signal that is as low as 0.2 millivolts or as high as 3.0 millivolts.

The highest output of any phono catridge we are aware of is 5 millivolts. Although the range of output in phono cartidges is broad, this output is minuscule compared to the output of a DAC, CD player or preamplifier

Our phono cables are engineered with this output disparity in mind and not simply a reconfigured analog interconnect.

 WyWires phono cables are unshielded as standard but can be ordered shielded at no additional cost


  • 4 ft standard length (1.23 meters)
  • Capacitance: 7.9 pF (per foot at a frequency of 10kHz)
  • To integrate a phono cartridge to a preamplifier or phono stage