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What do I do if my cable becomes damaged?

Damage due to unwise handling or an accident can be repaired by contacting WyWires and obtaining a return authorization. Once we receive the cable, we will inspect the damage and provide you with an estimate for repair. This estimate will include the cost of any required materials as well as a labor charge. Our standard labor rate is $75.00USD per hour.

Any damage arising from manufacturing defects will be repaired by WyWires at no charge for a period of five years from the date of purchase. Exceptions to this policy apply to cables that have been intentionally damaged or taken apart. When returning cables, please return in the original packaging including the zipper bag and make sure the bag is sealed.

Do you offer a “satisfaction guarantee?”

Yes, you will be satisfied and no, we don’t accept returns for reasons other than the rare manufacturing defect (see warranty section.) WyWires has many awards, professional reviews, show reports and hundreds of customer comments from all over the world. Our quality and the sonic performance of all our products are 100% consistent across every imaginable type and quality of audio system and musical preference. We know EXACTLY how each of our cables sound with pretty much whatever gear you may own or aspire to own. ¬†Before ordering from us or any of our dealers, please do your homework. Selecting and buying cables is a serious step in building your audio system!

We will help you make your decision a low risk proposition. Remember…communication is everything.