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Soundpath Audio Interconnect Cable

High quality single RCA-RCA audio
interconnect cable.


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Premium RCA audio cable for connecting subwoofers, receivers, amplifiers and other RCA components.

SVS SoundPath audio cables are the perfect choice for all subwoofer and full-range audio applications.

Featuring a highly polished chrome-plated outer connector shell with SVS logo and a handsome black Nylon protective covering, SoundPath cables exude quality craftsmanship and complement any high-end system.

With cold-fused gold plating on the center pin and the outer contact ring, a multi-strand high-purity copper center conductor, and a heavy-duty 56-strand outer shield - SoundPath audio cables have outstanding connection integrity, superior resistance to RFI sources for ultra quiet operation, and excellent electrical performance with an ultra-wide bandwidth and exceptionally low capacitance.

Amazingly faithful to the input signal, SoundPath audio cables deliver a spacious soundstage, solid three-dimensional imaging, sparkling and airy highs, an uncolored and neutral midrange and tight, articulate bass.

Available in a wide range of lengths from 1 meter to 15 meters. Choose the 1 meter length for connecting CD, DVD, SACD players and external amplifiers (stereo pairs are color coded for polarity). Select the longer lengths for subwoofer connections.


CABLE - Materials Of Construction:

  • Center Conductor 2.1 mm 13-strand high-purity copper.
  • Dielectric: White gas-injected foam polyethyene (FPE).
  • Dielectric Cover: Bonded aluminum/ployester foil tape.
  • Outer Conductor: 56-strand high-purity copper.
  • Outer Jacket: 8 mm black polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Protective Outer Jacket Cover: Black Nylon weave with attractive white cross hatch pattern.
RCA CONNECTOR - Materials Of Construction:
  • Center Pin and Outer Ring: Cold-fused 50 micron gold-plated brass for optimum signal quality and integrity.
  • Outer Shell: Highly polished chrome-plated brass with SVS logo and color-coded polarity band. The outer contact ring is specially designed to maintain a secure grip on the RCA jack.
Termination Specifics:

The center conductor and shield are both hand-soldered to the RCA connector. The outer PVC jacket is secured to the RCA connector with a large diameter set screw which firmly holds the jacket against the RCA body. This high-quality termination enhances durability and longevity.

Electrical Properties:
  • Conductor DCR:139 mΩ/meter
  • Shield DCR: 35 mΩ/meter
  • Nominal Impedance: 50Ω. Cable and RCA connectors are impedance-matched to minimize Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) and Return Loss.
  • Nominal Capacitance: 100 pF/meter @ 1kHz
  • Rated Bandwidth: DC-5.0 MHz (3M cable) with ≤1.1 VSWR and ≥26dB Return Loss.
  • Protective Outer Jacket Cover: Black Nylon weave with attractive white cross hatch pattern.



“The bottom line is that, in terms of build quality and price-to-performance ratio, SVS has hit a home run with the SoundPath Interconnects.”, Review by Sean Killebrew, 6/18/2013. Read Review
"...the SoundPaths were better than my old connectors, transmitting a nice and clean, transparent sound. The bottom line is that you get a cable that works well, should last a long time, and that looks classy while doing it...with a starting retail price of $30 per cable."
Canada Free Press, Review by Jim Bray, 5/2/2013. Read Review