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Better Cables

Want a better connection to your SVS Powered Cylinder's amp? Get a Better Cable! You could pay full retail price for one of these world-class, US made Better Cables' "Silver Serpent" interconnects. OR, when you buy your SVS you could instead just add one at a price you can't touch anywhere else. Better Cables didn't get Consumer Review's Choice Award for nothing. They got it by providing more quality, and unbeatable performance, just like SVS! So it should be no surprise we picked them as our cable too.

While we won't claim you'll instantly be overwhelmed with "new layers of sound" simply by swapping out your audio cable... we CAN say that of all the problems folks have when setting up a new piece of gear (including subwoofers) bad cables are at the top of the list! Not with these. Their gold connectors, proprietary silver plated copper conductors and flexible insulating jacket mean you get quality that normally costs hundreds of dollars at a fraction of that price. So let SVS do your cable shopping for you and get your Better Cable way under retail, but only with the purchase of your SVS.

After all... you are about to buy the best value in ultra high-performance subwoofers in the world. Do you want to skimp and connect it up with some no-name wire... made in some country you can't find on a map? We didn't think so.

Be as sure about your cables as you are about your subwoofer. These wires are backed by SVS's vaunted customer service and warranted for a full year. If you ever have a problem with your SVS interconnect in that time simply let us know and we'll replace it no questions asked.

We offer 6 lengths of Better Cables Silver Serpents so our Powered Cylinder customers can get just the length they need, or none at all. It's your subwoofer... it's your choice.