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MTM-210 & MTM-210C


Centre (vertical)
Centre ( horizontal)


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  • 2 way, audiophile loudspeaker
  • 1" titanium compression driver
  • Cast aluminum exponential horn
  • Dual 10" high efficiency woofers
  • Audiophile grade crossover completely designed in house
  • Frequency Response = 70Hz - 18kHz
  • Sensitivity = 98dB 1W/1M
  • Nominal Impedance = 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling = 175 W
  • Shipping dimensions

    84cm(L) x 53cm(W) x 41cm(H) (includes grill)








Customer Feedback

Jamie from Qld had this to say when he recently swapped in Power Sound Audio MTM-210 speakers to the front L&R (to match the centre channel) and moved his MT-110 to the rear. 

“Been busy the last week so didn’t get in much listening time in till the yesterday and today.

So far I’m super impressed! I’ll admit at first the size difference between the 110’s and the 210’s  for the Left & Rights was a bit of a shock, visually they were pretty dominating in the room, but I’ve adapted to them now....but I was sweating bullets when the Mrs came home the day I set them up lol

While it was probably a slight upgrade putting the 210’s upfront instead of the 110’s, the upgrade to the 110’s for surrounds over my previous speakers (which were no slouches either) has been absolutely HUGE! I wish I did this a year ago. Surround effects are now completely enveloping and movie soundtracks are very immersive -  by far the best surround sound I’ve ever experienced – either at home or in a commercial cinema”.

Next day – “Been listening to some concert Blu-Rays and multi-channel music today and the phantom image these speakers can throw between the front speakers and their corresponding surround speaker (eg Left front & left surround together) is amazing, with certain effects/instruments appearing to come from the side walls, about 2-3 metres wider than the fronts – really sounds incredible! I’m not sure if it’s due to the tonal/timbre matching , the Controlled Directivity of the PSA speakers or a combination of both but they’ve had me do quite a few double takes so far! Very noticeable improvement”.


Todd Anderson (Home Theater Shack) recently reviewed the MTM-210 loudspeakers Click on the logo to read the full review. 

"the 210s delivered spot-on imaging and felt invisible"

"The speakers produced a wide soundstage and gushed while hammering away the movie’s special effects and the Chemical Brother’s thick soundtrack."